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The news in detail
  • Printing trends

    Digital, information and intelligence, completely changed the graphic communications and production methods, we must not only seek quicker on the standard, better and more efficient production, how to integrate into other media, text graphics and images to make wider use of information to create more value in the field of media pluralism, so delicate print information files, and dissemination of business operations has become an important part. Printing mediums may reduce but will not disappear, because people will always have needs visual senses, get involved in high-tech production printing technology, today is also not to the apex, the future will have more places will be applied to, but how are we going to face , in response to it. However, the basic information in the vendor exhibition this year to try to XML, Postsc ript File Database concept combined, single-input information file (One input) and to diversify output (Many output) for the application.

        First, the automated design and production processes more smoothly

        Computer hardware and software rapid progress, appear in the memory capacity and computing speed have been ten times, a hundred times growing, repetitive action as long as the note of the program and the amount of change in the number of instructions the computer will be able to simulate human creation, as well go back, plus shadow, for basemap, as long as there are proofs and action process, computer software, artificial intelligence will be able to cope operations manual does not have to be repeated for each operation, quick and provincial labor, and there is no difference in the level of personal technology. Computer on language input, OCR byte identification, will reach the level of human intelligence, so long as people read it, you can enter, dramatically reducing the burden of inputs. Image capture devices from digital cameras, cell phones to the scanning machines, video machines, more convenient source of diverse, intelligent translation, knowledge and information exchange in the world will make the village more frequent, more accessible and increasing the printing and dissemination of opportunities. PDF, XML and other cross-platform, cross-media file format under development, dissemination and use of automated production processes greatly helpful. Use row program automated production, will achieve labor saving, sometimes even reached the point of no production.

        Second, network application and dissemination of the printing technology changes

        Because of improved network bandwidth, plus file compression technology advances, limitations reduce file format, a more rapid and convenient corporate intranet and external Internet applications Communications, currently support network for small profile of the co-edition printing, into a far-reaching the remote proofing and remote distributed printing. Application of Internet technology dramatically change the printing market and ecological future Press warehouse just a little bit, only server-based publications, archives and selling mechanism, the use of the lock code technology required by the designated printing units according to the printing and print, or in their After the customer finished print file is automatically faded, at this time, the printing industry will only be for the system page file and manage information, print and print a local or remote file transfer using a small amount of work output. Business people do not take the exhibition catalog in the world to run, as long as the print on the local user rights to pay gold to buy books, home to its own output or commissioned by the print shop binding.

        Third, diversification of the output file a single application information

        Input sources keyboard, voice, tablet, digital camera, scanner and computer writing text, graphics (Computer Graphic), image and voice information can be integrated into high-resolution screen with big size print archives, so, in addition to beyond print and poster, other pages, CD electronic media can continue to use these pages archives, but detailed nature of these electronic files, often better than the print media, and therefore the printing industry must recognize that he is the original page of information, managers status, have a larger living space.

        Fourth, lithography change

        Flat printing is the most widely used format, being in a state of decline, but based on the efficiency, quality and cost, the level is still in the packaging printing, publishing and commercial printing short, medium and long version of the main layout. CTP is widely used, so advantageous in terms of cost and engineering, the DI machine plate, across prepress, printing or processing stage. In the future nanotechnology, water-free general PS version of single fluid printing, so flat printing quality costs more competitive, print density, improve hue, making a simple flat printing equipment and technology would be able to use freely, not previously reached There are quality standards. CIP4 will reduce makeready time, printing and more accurate color reproduction. Packaging and metal printing, there is a super-compressed air blanket can be printed 1.5mm thick corrugated laminating applications no longer need. Sets of digits used for tracking control, the future of water supply and the ink supply automatically detect the feedback compensation, will have more quality level printer control logical deduction.

        Digital control servo motors are widely use, including flat printer configuration and control will be more simple, not only replace the servo motor crank the printing unit or a single cylinder drive, the cam do Resilience reciprocating action, more in line with changes of speed and print, in print Design, manufacture and use of more simple, and inspection and maintenance more convenient. If the printing pressure relief, press structure more compact size. Press will pursue work faster replacement rate, rather than absolute speed printer, unless a large rotary newspaper printing machine, or have the necessary commercial offset presses.

        Flat printer connection processing will be important, can significantly improve production value, including the original glazing, matting, comprehensive use of ceramic rollers for fluid micro hole, replace the roller gap and pressure of adjusting the amount of formula, additional environmental requirements should can deinking and paper recycling glazing way to dissolve the dispersion in order to meet recycling standards. Use thin type rolling cutter on a flat printer do cutting and processing, is working great added value. Serial number, bar code, inkjet connections and other variable stamped processing, break lithoprinting fixed plate frame. Ju quarto minicomputer market is still strong and diverse small amount of value, especially the small size of the high-speed CTP platesetter, polyester low-cost version of the base, showing the flexibility of such machines.

        Fifth, gravure and flexo growth and decline

        Due to environmental demands, film or synthetic leather and other materials will be diverted water-based ink printing, electronic engraving and intaglio so mature solvent-based inks, but also use more flat type of corrosion points more favorable light ink, therefore, electronic gravure cylinder imaging, it may be due to corrosion Depression should print water-based ink. Water-based flexo ink higher resilience, but the ink still must improve in order to produce a good print quality, plus, CDI direct plate imaging resin version or laser ablation imaging, shorten and reduce engineering costs make flexographic under the may gradually replace the gravure printing films and synthetic material status. Trademarks, forms and delicate corrugated printing, there is still room for development, such as banking, credit cards, health care workers notice, there will be print color advertising pages, so flat and flexo printing will have different degrees alternative. Flexographic of a small amount of diversity in terms of cost and flexibility better, "shaftless technology" is important regardless of the direction in gravure and flexo, especially in a narrow range of flexographic have ten or more connection glazing, mounted film, die-cutting, net India and other processing possibilities, such as a variety of processing scratch lottery tickets, the application is wider. However, more than two meters wide gravure at large, ultra-high speed magazine, culture and a lot of plastic printing more dominant, such as the US company RR Donnelly will remain positioned in the large-scale gravure magazine printing, mainly its tissue Printing high concentration, high gloss and high-quality reproduction on even commercial web lithoprinting can not keep up.

        Sixth, screen printing precision and breadth increased use

        Screen in color printing technology can already use 175 lines, dot reproduction and concentration more Kappei India, so many personalized phone applications, electronic equipment, very pleasing. On the other hand, overlay accuracy 5μ the following electronic products, such as circuit boards, LCD-TFT digital camera parts, etc., but also a test repeatability of screen printing and reproduction stamped accuracy. Large posters, banner printing, multi-color machines abroad using the intermediate link UV UV drying system to make it work in one, a substantial increase in production capacity, but in addition to a large number of posters and sheet printing, poster more use of small quantities of ink-jet printing giant, will 100 below market substitution, mainly short works without plate and on the machine, and can be used on uneven flatbed inkjet thick material, and screen printing a competing short length. Screen Printing automated production system is the most urgent needs, because electronics factory high efficiency requirements is Screen Printing Factory R & D focus. Screen plate using an ink jet direct imaging, yet replace plate negatives way.

        Seven, variable printing is the fastest growing part of the stamped

        Toner, inkjet and electronic ink, is no print version variable stamped three main ways. Toner Heidelberg, Xerox, HP, EPSON, Xeikon, IBM, Nipson, Oce 'used by other companies, the hourly capacity of 6,000 A4 prints, 1200dpi fine output, can be fully or partially change stamped on the set-up costs may have great flexibility with the need, in the future will be cheaper and more quickly on efforts to fight for a larger number of print jobs, and stamped gloss, thickness and lithographer similar difficult to distinguish with the naked eye or lithoprinting Toner print, but in the pre-processing job file needs to be strengthened, and the maximum size of only 500 × 700mm, are used to daisy-wide level for India still need a larger size. Ink toner future will be more fine print and color concentration will be more improved.

        Electronic ink and ToyoInk Elcosy There are two ways Indigo, Indigo reached 8,000 parts per hour speed A4 print capability on the other hand, can assist with pastel print outlets law, plus film mounted light reaches photo quality. Roll mounted Omnuis trademark printing mode, the contents of various changes, continuous changes in the number and color number of security features, the future size (especially wide) increases, if up to 28 inches (720mm) can be daisy-wide prints Print In response to the needs of the short version, but is still stuck in the slow, high cost of high-priced market, can not be universal. ToyoInk Elcosy print is an electromagnetic effect (the aqueous ink adhesion condensation) print mode, the machine wide and 600mm, speed score of 350 feet (105 meters) each, the cost can be low, the resilience of the material is very strong, has developed 5 6 years yet commercially available.

        Inkjet printing is quite mature and practical technology, regardless of hot foam and piezo no distinction of any kind, from a photo sizes to large posters, and even full-speed inkjet printing form production, micro needle point has reached 4800dpi resolving power, large Posters can also have a close look at the resolution of 360dpi, using UV drying of the ink-jet printing, in light resistance, weather resistance and adhesion are excellent in three areas, a large poster, does not absorb ink surface and thick stone, steel, wood, etc. Print materials important way.

        1 meter in width and down the printing machine, printing industry used to make proofing work has been very popular, the future market in both print poster production, large wedding photo, especially after printing the album page painting stalls, large print exhibition, there is still a large market space. Scitex high-speed print head in variable information printing computer paper after printing aspects of the report, there have been very mature market. The formation of high-speed printing presses full content changes color prints, wide 22-inch (550mm), speeds of up to 150 meters per minute, has 360dpi resolution, the future will be more refined and more to enhance speed. In the past decade, the ability of the inkjet head has a thousand times more progress, the future use of the semiconductor manufacturing process ink jet head must be larger and refined, it is to be expected.

        Using phase change appearing reusable electronic paper, electronic ink, may one day become a book mode, each repetition of information without loading a different paper produced, as a classroom teacher to write a piece of white may be different on different information. Its inner composition of small particles, due to induction of different polarity, to form a color or achromatic effect, as long as a re-integrate it into a "white paper" is very meaningful in environmental protection, the printing industry has become the page feeds By. In commodities, the Treasury, bulletin boards such as standard paper can be used at any time to change the price or content, without rewriting very convenient.

        Eight, safety and security printing

        Because of printing equipment and technology to enhance the traditional four color printing trademarks, packaging and instructions have been no security effect, we must use six-color, seven-color high-fidelity color will be different, in addition, the use of laser holographic label sticky or hot, also has its some effect, but the Magic fluctuation, may soon be looking for more sophisticated interference and security wave patterns available. High gravure printing costs, it also has its certain security effect, so the color of thick, fine carving lines, there is a deeper level in the high-tech anti-counterfeiting effect. Embossed watermark technology, while old, is also an effective method, like stamp perforations of several million dollars by each of the punching mold, not easy to imitate. In short, do not add too much cost, generic and difficult to imitate people, the most important tool for the average person is not able to distinguish by eye is focused on security, but out of new technology and methods, in use for some time will be imitated, This is the focus of security to be updated from time to time.

        Nine, and in response to changes in the printing market

        Printing from the original manufacturing production into information dissemination, packaging applications and industrial applications, value-added industries, and how to respond to the social, market and value-added chain disruptions, the market often by the boom-bust, profit from a change in nothing, if stick to the original range bound to lose everything. Twenty years ago, the birth rate and now only less than half compared to the textbook industry significantly reduced due to school children, coupled with the Government to adopt an open but tasteless effect tight control of prices, had only a handful of lucrative markets in the bullet.

        How do I find there is a niche production projects in new markets, there is still room for development as do others can not design, processing, three-dimensional printing, and other changes in the body, UV ultraviolet printing plastic boards, some export work year alone more than one million dollars in business, similar to LCD-TFT color filter printing, greater thickness corrugated direct lithographic color printing, ink-free image reproduction wave interference, etc., in the market value of rare and refined, so to multi Find, and even developed application of new technologies in the market. Because the niche market constantly changing and updating, so to overcome the technical difficulties, good service, and master their own 'core skills' upgrading and application, and more importantly, at the crucial moment to import new equipment and technology to the market On a head start, elements of sustainable development is to create profits.

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